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Contested Divorce

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Experienced and Aggressive Divorce Trial Attorney

A divorce is is one of life's major events.  It can be a time of emotional, mental, financial, and moral confusion.  It is important to have an attorney representing your interest who understands not only the legal implications of a divorce but also the emotional upheaval that your family is likely to go through at this time.  Misty D. Parks has aggressively represented numerous clients to protect their interests and ensure the welfare of their family moving forward following a divorce. 

There are potentially at least four major areas of concern during a divorce:
    1.  Asset and Debt division,
     2.  Spousal Support,
     3.  Custody and Visitation with the Child/Children,
     4.  Child Support
These tend to be the issues that are most contested between the parties and the issues that are most often litigated.

During the initial client interview, you will meet with Ms. Parks to discuss in detail most aspects of your life including your marriage, your assets and debts, your children, you and your spouse's employment history and your goals and objectives at the conclusion of  your divorce.  Practicing primarily in Columbia, TN and Franklin, TN, Misty D. Parks, has experience in helping families to successfully navigate a contested divorce.  In some instances financial concerns such as alimony or division of the marital estate may be the most contentious issue, and in others it may be the custody and visitation arrangements for the child/children.  Ultimately, most cases conclude short of going to trial, click here to learn about Uncontested Divorce; however, if your matter is going to be contentious a skillful and tenacious divorce trial attorney, such as Misty D. Parks, can work aggressively on your behalf to either negotiate a favorable settlement agreement or effectively litigate your matter before the trial court. 

Tennessee Law requires, except in certain limited circumstances, that before a divorce can be brought to court for a trial the parties must participate in mediation.  Mediation is simply a neutral third party, usually an attorney, that does not represent your interests or that of your spouse, and tries to determine if the two of you can reach a mutually acceptable compromise of your issues.  To learn more about the mediation process you can visit the Tennessee State Courts website

Typically, discovery will have already been completed by the time a case has reached mediation.  Discovery can consist of written questions i.e. Interrogatories, depositions, Requests for Production of Documents, etc.  Once discovery has been exchanged and a divorce matter has failed to settle a mediation, the next step in the process will usually be to have the matter scheduled for trial before the judge.

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By Misty D. Parks