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Attorney Successfully Defending Felony Drug Charges in Columbia, TN | Lawyer Defending Felony Drug Charges in Franklin, TN

Possession with Intent to Resale Marijuana, Cocaine, Prescription Pills, Methamphetamine, Amphetamines, Ecstasy and other Controlled Substance is a Felony Drug Offense in Tennessee.  Additionally, manufacturing or delivering certain controlled substance is also a Felony Offense under Tennessee Law.

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated §39-17-417 it is a felony offense to possession certain listed controlled substances with the intent to resell the controlled substance.  How serious the offense is may depend upon the amount of the drug or drugs that are in issue.  Additionally, there are mandatory minimum fines for felony drug offense that can be up to $100,000 depending upon the particular offense.  A felony conviction can carry serious penalties including jail time over over 1 year, loss of voting rights, loss of employment, negative impact on child custody and visitation, etc.  It is important to seek the services of an attorney that has the necessary skills and experience to successfully defend you against a Felony Drug ChargeMisty D. Parks has successfully defended hundreds of clients in Williamson County, Maury County, Davidson County, Rutherford County and other counties in the Middle Tennessee Area.  Whether you have been charged in Franklin, TN; Columbia, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; or Nashville, TN Misty D. Parks, Attorney at Law, has the knowledge, skills, and experience to defend your rights and protect your interests in Court.

One of the foremost concerns, from a legal perspective, in handling a felony drug offense is whether or not there is sufficient probable cause if there was a search conducted by the police that uncovered the drugs or if there are any grounds to have the drugs suppressed due to  a violation of your constitutional rights.  This takes an attorney with a thorough understanding of Tennessee Search & Seizure Law and a thorough understanding of what constitutes a legal or an illegal search of either you, your vehicle, your residence, etc.

If the police have legally found evidence that incriminates you, there are still measures that an attorney can take to put you in the best light possible for Court for your felony drug offense.  An attorney experienced in working with the district attorney or prosecutor who will be prosecuting your case, can help advise you as to certain steps that you can take to help minimize any sentence you might receive.  Likewise, an attorney familiar appearing before the Judge which can possibly be sentencing you, should you be convicted, can give you realistic idea of likely outcomes and ways that you can improve your chances of receiving a suspended sentence (probation), diversion (so that the offense can be removed from your criminal record), or minimal jail time. 

You will need to work closely with your attorney in preparing your defense or preparing your matter for sentencing.  Your attorney should take the time to meet with you, learn about you, your family,  your past, your future, and many other details of your life.  Only once your attorney knows you well will they be able to present your case in an effective and compelling way to a jury, a Judge, or a prosecutor.

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