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     An order of protection is a restraining order specifically for a domestic abuse victim, stalking victim, or sexual assault victim who has been subjected to or threatened with, or placed in fear of, domestic abuse, stalking or sexual assault.  If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, stalking or sexual assault it may be in your best interest to also seek an Order of  Protection, as well as, pursue any criminal charges against someone.  An Order of Protection is a civil statute that restrains the person from contacting you, either directly or indirectly, and from coming about you.  If the person violates that Order, then they can face a criminal charge as well as a contempt of court charge.  A violation may carry up to eleven months and twenty nine days in jail, and a contempt charge may carry up to ten days in jail for each count of contempt.  When you go to court to seeking an Order of Protection, you will be expected to be ready to proceed with a hearing.  Misty D. Parks has successfully sought Orders of Protections for her clients throughout Middle Tennessee. To find the Order of Protection Form visit the Tennessee Courts Website by clicking here.

        If you have been served with an ex parte Order of Protection, it is important that you not contact the person seeking the restraining order to ask them about any papers you have received.  That is an order of the court and you could be charged with violating it.  Additionally, if you have been served with an Order of Protection it is important to know that you will not be entitled to an attorney to represent you, as you would with a criminal charge, as that is considered a civil matter.  However, an Order of Protection can have criminal consequences if violated.  A violation is a Class A Misdemeanor and carries up to eleven months and twenty nine days in jail.  Further, you may not own or possess a firearm if you are under an Order of Protection.  It is important that you be prepared to proceed to a hearing to defend against an Order of Protection.  Misty D. Parks can tenaciously defend your interests in court should you be served with an Order of Protection.

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