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Simple Possession Arrest or Citation Defense Attorney in Columbia, Franklin, and Surrounding Middle Tennessee Area

Simple Possession is generally a Class A Misdemeanor pursuant to T.C.A. §39-17-418, although it is important to note that a third or subsequent charge can be a Class E Felony.  Because the charge of Simple Possession is a misdemeanor, you may either be arrested by law enforcement or you may be given a citation and released until your scheduled court date.  While  many may at first have the impression that Simple Possession of a Controlled Substance, such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Prescription Pills, is a relatively minor offense a conviction can carry up to eleven months and twenty nine days and a mandatory minimum fine of $250 for a first offense  and up to $2,500.  Further, a criminal charge for Simple Possession is many times part of other drug related offenses such as Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell or Deliver or Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

An experienced attorney who is familiar with the many different drug related criminal statutes and specific sentencing considerations, will spend the time to identify any search and seizure issues, identify and define specific concerns and consequences a conviction could have on your life, and aggressively prepare your defense prior to court.  Misty D. Parks has practiced for more than 5 years within the Columbia, TN and Franklin, TN courts protecting people's rights and successfully defending Simple Possession charges in addition to more serious drug offenses. You may Contact Misty D. Parks at (615) 255-9155 to discuss your charge with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney.

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